Daily Gifts are a function that can be accessed from the main game menu. It grants the player useful rewards at different time intervals.

Gift 1 Edit

  • Reward: Two random common and or rare upgrade items.
  • Timer: 6 hours.

Gift 2 Edit

  • Reward: Coins and one random common or rare upgrade item.
  • Timer: 3 hours.


  • The amount of rewarded coins increases with the player's level.
  • Players can sometimes watch an ad to skip this gift's timer and claim the reward instantly, up to three times a day. If players haven't been claiming any gifts for longer than one day, the amount of ads for speeding up Gift 2 can increase up to six instead of the regular three.

Gift 3 Edit


  • Players can choose to pay 1-10 money to instantly get this gift's timer and claim the reward instantly. The amount of money that must be spent lowers depending on how much time is left before players can claim the reward normally.

Time Points Edit


The player gains Time Points by claiming Daily Gifts rewards, one Time Point for each gift. When a set amount of Time Points are collected, players receive a free military/legendary case.

Order of Time Points rewards:

  1. 7 points: 1 military case.
  2. 7 points: 1 military case.
  3. 14 points: 1 legendary case. Order resets.


  • Redneck appears in his old DA:Q sprite for both Gift 1 and 2.
  • There used to be a bug where if players completely ran out of buff items, after claiming Gift 3 for free, instead of requiring 1-10 money to skip the timer and instantly get the buff item rewards, it would only cost 1 coin. This would remain until the player watches an ad for the second gift or exits the daily gifts screen.


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