Events are in-game modes that occur on a regular basis. They require event tickets to enter, two of which are given for free upon checking the event page when a new event starts. Events can be divided into two categories: weekly and exclusive.

This mode is unlocked from the Star Reward system after the player collects 40 stars.


Weekly events are the most common and regularly occurring events, happening once a week. The goal and methods for success vary from each event to another. These events typically last 3 days and 6 hours.

Currently, there are three events in the weekly rotation. These are:


Exclusive events, also commonly referred to as annual events, are held during special occasions like holidays for a limited time only. Each of these events has a special event-exclusive collectible that can be exchanged for unique cases that hold many different rewards, including themed skins, unique bus paints, and exclusive units. These events usually last 14 days.

Two different exclusive events have been held so far. These are:

The previous versions of the exclusive events have been retired and are no longer part of the game, having been replaced with more current versions. These are:

Weekly Wall Mart Event Corn Farm Event Princess Rescue
Exclusive Halloween Event Christmas Event
Retired Halloween Event (Legacy) Christmas Event (Legacy)
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