Units Units Edit

Units are essential for playing the main game and other unlockable modes. They must be bought first before they can be used in-game.

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Enemies EnemiesEdit

Enemies are the main antagonist of the game. Players have the Zombiepedia, a book-like compendium with information of all encountered enemies.

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Skirmish League Icon Edit

Players can fight other players in this alternative game mode.

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Bus Bus Icon Edit

The bus is the main vehicle of the story and what must be protected at all costs from the enemy. It is located in a large garage where it can be upgraded.

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Events Event Icon 2 Edit

Players can participate in weekly and exclusive events in rotation in this alternative game mode.

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Daily Gifts Daily Gifts Edit

The Daily Gifts are a function that can be accessed from the main game menu. It grants the player the ability to earn some rewards at different time intervals.

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Buffs Buff Items Edit

There are a few items that can be used during gameplay to improve units in various aspects.

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Military Cases Military Cases Icon Edit

Most of the items players collect will come from opening military cases. Better items can be found in legendary cases.

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Upgrade Items Upgrade Items Edit

Units will have a hard time fighting stronger and tougher zombies. They will need to be upgraded using items in order to stand a chance against more powerful enemies.

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Cutscenes Cutscenes Edit

Throughout the journey of the main game, cutscenes will play and add on to the story of the survivors. Some will play when playing specific missions or clicking on the corner "play" button of a specific location.

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Locations Stages Edit

The main goal of the game is to beat stages and unlock new ones, all while collecting stars.

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Level Data Player Level Icon Edit

The player will level up during the game and earn new rewards as they progress.

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Trader Trader-0Edit

The Trader offers a variety of functions regarding in-game currency. He will buy and sell items and offer to upgrade your items.

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Military Kit Shop Military Kit Shop IconEdit

The Military Kit Shop offers military kits, limited packs, coins, money, and many other deals for both in-game currency and real money.

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Currencies Currencies Edit

In order to make various purchases, players need to collect different in-game currencies.

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KTplay/Reddit KTPlay Edit

The game used to offer an in-game forum, KTplay, for players to exchange intel, screenshots, tips, etc. It is no longer accessible as the main hub for the community has now been replaced with a different site, Reddit.

Find the old website/portal here.

Find the new website/portal here.

Star Reward Star rewards Edit

Obtaining stars by completing missions are all collected into a system that rewards the player once they've reached a milestone.

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Perks Perks Edit

Most units have special perks that better define their role and gives them an extra edge during battle against certain enemies and missions.

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Status Effect Status effects Edit

Several status effects can affect units and enemies both positively and negatively. Some occur naturally while others are the result of specific attacks.

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Resources Resources Edit

Several resources are used during and out of gameplay. A few of these resources allow players to send units out while few others allow players to play missions or events to begin with.

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Collectibles Collectibles Edit

Some items can be collected. Most of these items grant a reward with enough are collected although some are rewards in and of itself.

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Weather Weather Edit

Some missions are affected by bad weather which can have an effect on both players and enemies during battle.

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Quests Edit

Every day, players are given the opportunity to complete a randomly assigned task.

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