Glenn is a young pizza delivery guy whose metal-supported bones make it difficult to beat him down in one go. He is armed with a kitchen knife and dressed in a light and dark gray t-shirt, black pants, red shoes, and a blue and white baseball cap.

He is a fighter, meaning he will attack enemies and the barricade at close range.

Glenn has a unique perk that allows him to continue fighting after dying. Glenn takes 12 seconds to revive which is the same amount of time for most units and marauders take in order to turn into their respective infected. He will only retain 90% of his max health while reviving but is capable of being healed back to full using Medkit. Glenn's appearance and animation upon revival changes as well. However, these are purely aesthetic and he remains exactly the same in terms of stats.

Thanks to his slightly higher base damage and attack speed for a fighter unit, he is fairly strong when it comes to fighting against certain dangerous enemies as his perk allows him to eventually fight them again or slip past through and start attacking other enemies. He is generally useful for spearheading through weak but large hordes as well. Glenn is vulnerable to attacks while getting back up, so he could be at a disadvantage while reviving in the middle of a horde of enemies. Not only that, but he'll also likely become overwhelmed with the fear debuff, worsening his attack rate and reaction speed while potentially ruining his perk's potential.

Below level 13, Glenn only revives once, meaning he will genuinely die upon his second death. However, there are certain instances in which his ability can be entirely negated. The most common scenario involves fire. Ultimately being killed with fire will reduce Glenn to ashes, destroying his entire body. The same applies when getting killed normally and having his "corpse" on the floor be burnt from a fire pool, whether it was created from enemies or player units. Both Paramedic and Cephalopods have special attacks that immediately reduce Glenn to ashes. Energy Sphere immediately transforms a unit into a zombie if it manages to attack them and Glenn is no exception. Apart from these scenarios, all other sources of damage like bullets, poison, melee, or explosions will leave his body intact for later revival. Additionally, if Glenn happens to catch on fire but isn't killed by it yet, players can try dropping Empty Barrel on him when he is close to death to kill him, allowing him to revive with his body intact.

It should be noted that if Glenn was poisoned by Epidemiologist or Slob and dies from it, he will no longer be after reviving. Although this allows Glenn to technically cure himself of poison, Glenn is still susceptible to contracting the poison debuff again after reviving.

If Glenn has the inspiration buff, he will always revive with it. If Glenn steps out of the bus without the buff and dies for the first time, he can potentially revive with it. The same is also true for his special ability.

Upon reaching level 13, Glenn's special ability can be unlocked, granting him a second revive. This ability vastly extends Glenn's presence on the battlefield, allowing him to do more damage overall since he can get back up one extra time. Since Glenn can fight as much as three sperate units can, this now greatly justifies his moderately high courage cost which is the highest out of all fighter class units. Despite this, Glenn still remains to be a situational unit. Since his ability is exactly the same as his normal perk, a second revive can still be negated by the same methods as mentioned above.

In League, Glenn is generally not a strong choice due to his lack of bullet resistance. His only ability doesn't increase his survivability and instead has him get back up in a vulnerable position. In Skirmish, his revive perk takes effect immediately after getting killed once, resulting in him getting killed again almost immediately, usually by the same unit who took him down the first time or from crossfire from enemy ranged units. While his only perk becomes questionable in terms of viability, it does give Glenn great potential in meat shielding for other units as he does have, in a sense, a higher health pool. This potential is further improved with his special ability unlocked. Thanks to the immediate effects of his perk in Skirmish, Glenn's corpse cannot be burned off the ground by fire pools if he can still revive. Glenn's fast attack speed allows him to get a swift kill every once in a while. His courage cost could be an issue given that he costs the most out of all the fighter class units when the courage could be spent on a lower costing melee unit or a ranged unit.

Pros[edit | edit source]

  • Moderate courage cost.
  • Shortest preparation time.
  • Moderate base health.
  • Very fast.
  • Very fast attack speed.
  • Very fast critical hit speed.
  • Ability to come back to life once (twice after unlocking special ability).

Cons[edit | edit source]

  • Weak against melee-resistant units.
  • Turns into Tipsy upon second/third death.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Glenn's deleted backstory was a reference to comic book series Kick-Ass.
  • Glenn is a reference to the character of the same name from the comic book and TV series The Walking Dead. Glenn's description and ability to revive after supposedly being killed reference (and jab at) the absurd amount of times The Walking Dead's Glenn cheated death in both the show and comics.

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