Military Kit Shop is the in-game shop run by Trader. The shop offers military cases, coin packs, money packs, event tickets, unit skins, and unit packs.

The Military Kit Shop also holds onto military and legendary cases that you earn and can be opened there.

Limited OffersEdit

Limited offers are special packs and sales that are available for a limited time, most commonly – 24 hours. If players haven't purchased the offered pack, it'll become available again sometime later.

Unit PacksEdit

Unit packs reward the player with an exclusive unit, which doesn't appear in the unit table (unless it's on sale or is already purchased), as well as an exclusive bus paint followed by a number of cases and coins.

Once some pack is purchased, it won't be offered again.

Starter Pack

Contains an exclusive unit: Jailer, and an exclusive bus paint: Black.

Cost: Real money (approximately $5 USD)

StarterPack New
Circus Pack

Contains an exclusive unit: Berserker, Saw, Queen, an exclusive bus paint: Circus, 6,600 coins, and 13 cases.

Cost: 925 money

CircusPack New
SWAT Bundle

Contains 4 units: Cap, Flamethrower, Soldier, and Swat, 4,000 coins, and 10 cases.

Cost: 925 money

SWATPack New
Heist Pack

Contains an exclusive unit: Austin, an exclusive bus paint: Heist, 2,200 coins, and 4 cases.

Cost: 500 money

HeistPack New
SpecOps Pack

Contains an exclusive unit: Specops, and an exclusive bus paint: Desert.

Cost: 500 money

SpecopsPack New
Agents Pack

Contains an exclusive unit: Agents, 2,200 coins, and 5 cases.

Cost: 250 money



Exclusive skin offers are limited-time offers that allow the player to obtain a vanity costume for a specific unit.

For more information, see: Skins

Hillbilly An exclusive skin for Redneck.

Cost: 20 money.

Officer Pepper An exclusive skin for Pepper.

Cost: 120 money.

Officer Pepper
Builder 1998 An exclusive skin for Builder.

Cost: 120 money.

Modern Grenader An exclusive skin for Grenader.

Cost: 300 money.

Modern Grenader
Rebel Gunslinger An exclusive skin for Gunslinger.

Cost: 300 money.

Rebel Skin
Policeman Diego An exclusive skin for Policeman.

Cost: 300 money.

Policeman Diego-0
Carol Flannel An exclusive skin for Carol.

Cost: 300 money.

Carol Flannel Skin

Level Value BundlesEdit

Value bundles are special offers that contain some amount of money and legendary cases in them, depending on the player's levels. They can be purchased with real money.

Whenever the player levels up, a bundle corresponding to their achieved level gets added to rotation of bundles offered to them and stays there until it's purchased.

Level 5 Bundle Contains 250 money and 9 legendary cases. Level 5
Level 7 Bundle Contains 500 money and 15 legendary cases. Level 7
Level 9 Bundle Contains 625 money and 20 legendary cases. Level 9
Level 11 Bundle Contains 1750 money and 50 legendary cases. Level 11


Safe (Updated)

A full safe with 2500 coins.

The safe is a special shop feature that allows players to purchase up to 2500 coins with 49 money. Players must collect 1800 coins minimum in order to be able to make the purchase.

In the beginning, the safe will be empty. The player can increase its pool by completing missions or winning a skirmish match – every time coins are earned, four times that amount will be added to the safe.

Tip: The number of coins in the safe when full, 2500 coins, is only 500 coins less than the "Heap of Coins" coin pack. Players will save 76 money by opening the safe at its fullest rather than buying that specific coin pack and only getting 500 coins more.

Coin PacksEdit

Coin packs are offers that contain a set amount of coins in them. They are always available and can be purchased with money.

Contains 300 coins. Coin pack 1
Contains 3,000 coins. Coin pack 2
Contains 30,000 coins. Coin pack 3

Money packsEdit

Money packs are offers that contain a set amount of money in them. They are always available and can be purchased with real money (price depends on the player's country).

Contains 20 money. Money pack 1
Contains 125 money. Money pack 2
Contains 300 money. Money pack 3
Contains 625 money. Money pack 4
Contains 1,625 money. Money pack 5
Contains 3,500 money. Money pack 6

Tickets PacksEdit

Tickets packs are packs that contain a set amount of event tickets in them, allowing players to participate in events. They only become available in the store while an event is currently happening and can be purchased with money.

Contains 2 tickets. Tickets Shop 1
Contains 5 tickets. Tickets Shop 2
Contains 16 tickets. Tickets Shop 3

Event Edit

A special section of the shop will be open during exclusive annual events. The shop will display the highly-coveted event items, such as the new unit(s), bus paint, and skins. To earn them, players must purchase the event-exclusive cases with their respective collectible items earned in limited amounts through event gameplay. These collectibles are also sold in packs of varying amounts for money.

The shop will be open for 16 days, lasting two days longer than the event itself, to give players more than enough time to make some final purchases.

Halloween Shop Edit

Contains 20 pumpkins.

Cost: 10 money.

Halloween pack 20 for 10
Contains 500 pumpkins.

Cost: 200 money.

Halloween pack 500 for 200
Contains 1000 pumpkins.

Cost: 350 money.

Halloween pack 1000 for 350

Christmas ShopEdit

Gift Pile Contains 30 gifts.

Cost: 10 money.

Christmas pack 30 for 10
Gift Sack Contains 750 gifts.

Cost: 200 money.

Christmas packs 750 for 200
Gift Cart Contains 1500 gifts.

Cost: 350 money.

Christmas packs 1500 for 350


Unit SalesEdit

Unit sales were 50% sales for player units' that could be purchased with coins. These offers were only available for one hour.

There's no certain information about how these offers were becoming available.

Coin Packs Edit

Coin Packs used to be commonly advertised bundles, which offered more coins than regular packs in Military Kit Shop.

1st Coin Pack Has a cover of a safe and a few sacks full of coins that give the player 1,350 coins if purchased. 1525690550080
2nd Coin Pack Has a cover of more safes and more sacks full of coins that give the player 4,150 coins if purchased. 1525690855654
3rd Coin Pack Has a cover of an armored bank van full of coins that give the player 15,000 coins if purchased. Untitled 2

Old Value BundlesEdit

In the past, value bundles were special packs that contained both coins and legendary cases in them.

Unlike unit packs, value bundles didn't get removed from offers rotation after being purchased and weren't tied to the player's level.

Trivia Edit

  • Before getting removed, unit sales would eventually stop being offered. It's unknown why exactly that happened, although there are several possible reasons:
    • Defeating the final boss;
    • Having only 2 units left to purchase;
    • Reaching 15+ level.
  • Before SWAT Bundle had Swat included in it, players could occasionally get this offer even if they've purchased all TMF members with coins.
    • According to devs, that used to happen because the game also checked whenever coins and military kits from the bundle were obtained or not.
  • The highest amount of coins that can be added to the safe at once is 648, by completing any of Stage 6 challenges for the first time and with three stars.

Safe sprite appearance prior to update 2.8.2

  • Before update 2.8.2, the safe used to have a different sprite. It also previously cost 50 money to open.
    • It also used to only hold a maximum of 1200 coins for the same price.
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