Nickname "Offal" is a nude infected. Its entire body has been emaciated and liquified, leaving the remains of its flesh a browned and bloodied mess with several gaps through its abdomen. It has blue eyes.

While Offal is very slow and rather fragile, it is far from weak as its attack can cause some rather serious damage. While using properly upgraded spam melee units are ideal for fighting it, it's not always a guarantee that they'll come out of a fight against Offal unscathed. This can be a problem as they will become an even easier target to other enemies if they weren't outright killed by it.

It should be noted that most of the time, it's best to not focus on Offals and instead prioritize fighting against what created them, Energy Sphere and Egg (that summons the former). It's likely that Offal will be caught in the crossfire of ranged units since ranged units will always be important for missions where Offal can be created in. Likewise, it is best to save using rage abilities on more threatening enemies if it can be helped as Offal is still a basic enemy which most units can still manage to take care of rather easily.

Abilities Edit

  • None.

First Encountered Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The only way to encounter Offal is to let Energy Sphere attack any unit. It is likely that the first time it is encountered is the same mission Energy Sphere is encountered for the first time as well.
  • Insectoid and Small Insectoid might be the results of a developed Offal. Given the remaining similarities to the former and the naming scheme of the latter, both these infected likely come from Offal with the difference being what form they inevitably transform into.

Gallery Edit

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