Trader Shop 278

Current trader menu.

Trader is an NPC that can be accessed from the main game menu. He offers the player a few opportunities to buy valuable items or to sell them.

Functions Edit

Trade Edit

Trader runs a store called the Military Kit Shop, in which he offers a selection of four random items every 24 hours.

Trader can exchange player's items for coins. He buys items for a third of their regular price.

As of update 2.7.0, one of the four items available for sale will be a free daily gift.

Prices chart




Tier 1 upgrade item 150 50
Tier 2 upgrade item 300 100
Tier 3 upgrade item 600 200
Bus part 150 50
Military kit 500

Crafting Edit

Crafting Window 278

Crafting window.

Trader offers players the possibility to craft higher tier upgrade items by converting some of the player's items.

The cost of crafting will be 50 coins per +1 item and 75 coins per +2 item.

Each used item adds a 33.3% chance that the result will be one tier higher than that specific item. For example, using two +1 items and one +2 item will make the final result have a 66.7% chance of being a +2 item and a 33.3% chance of being a +3 item. Although this can potentially result in crafting a +3 item using one or two +1 items and paying fewer coins, the chance of success is a gamble entirely up to RNG. On the other hand, using three of the same tier items will guarantee in earning the next highest tier item.

The resulted item's type is also dependant on which items were used and uses the same percentage values as with tiers. For example, using one ranged item, one melee item, and one fortune item may result in an item with any of the mentioned types but never a health type item. The order in which the items are added into the three slots is not important.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Trader looks very similar to Rifleman.
  • Prior to update 1.5.0, bus parts were worth 7 coins instead of 50.
  • According to a Q&A, it's unknown how items are crafted together, and perhaps it's done with radiation, as the crafting box has a symbol that indicates it. However, said mentioned by the devs symbol is not actually visible in-game.
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